Peau Nue Signature Facial, $85.00

The most popular facial. After a skin analysis, This facial will exfoliate and refresh. it comes with extractions and relaxing neck, shoulder and hand massage

Gentleman's Facial ,$55.00

A deep cleansing facial designed especially for men to exfoliate and soften the skin

while addressing sensitivity and irritation due to shaving or the elements. Plant and

fruit enzymes are used to help in the removal of blackheads and ingrown hairs. A

customized mask follows leaving the skin smooth and re-textured.

Karmic Gold anti-aging treatment,$115.00

lira lux

Discover brilliant, smooth, renewed skin with this anti-aging and lifting facial treatment. Smooth the appearance of fine lines with the combination of exfoliating retinol and tightening hexylresorcinal. brighten and balance designer peptides and topical probiotics. Deeply nourish the skin with protein rich caviar ,turmeric. gold, and silver minerals for the ultimate in skin care luxury experiences. 


Experience the ultimate skin brightening effect with Lira Clinical’s exclusive renewing hydrating treatment. Volumize and even skin tone with tropical fruit enzymes, vitamin C, and mandelic acid .Nourish skin back to a state of youthfulness with an infusion of minerals, brightening botanicals and terpene rich MASQ-tech


Reveal your skin’s radiance with this exfoliating and brightening facial treatment. Diminish the appearance of sunspots and fi ne lines with powerfully brightening lactic and mandelic acids. Awaken

lack luster skin with energizing vitamin C, refreshing marine extracts, and age defying epigenetic technology for refined, brightened skin


Attain clarified beauty with this enzymatic and hydroxy acid treatment designed for oily/acne-prone

skin. Smooth and soothe skin redness while redefining pore appearance. Detoxify and give your skin a

total health boost with charcoal, China clay, and micro-biome balancing topical probiotics 

Green Power Rebuilder w/PSC (Plant Stem-Cells) 

This mechanical exfoliator can be combined with Lira Clinical’s BIO Enzyme Cleanser,

BIO Hydrating Mineral Masque, or a Lira Clinical resurfacing solution to reach your

desired skin depth. A unique blend of botanicals is used for an optimum tightening effect

on lackluster and sagging skin. This is also a great alternative for expecting mothers who

cannot receive chemical peels during their pregnancy.

Plasma Fibroblast $ varies on area

Fibroblast Plasma Skin Tightening is a cosmetic treatment that uses plasma, an ionized gas, to non-surgically tighten skin. A relatively new innovation in the beauty industry in North America, Fibroblast Skin Tightening has been used for a number of years in Europe. This minimally invasive procedure is often described as “soft surgery” as the treatment delivers amazing results without the use of a scalpel, stitch, or bandage and it highly effective at treating fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, and skin tags, as well as reducing excess lower eyelid skin. 

Microneedling $125.00

Micro-needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, is a minimally invasive

skin rejuvenation treatment. The treatment promotes natural collagen reproduction,

with no side effects and minimal downtime. Depending on the concern being treated, is

recommended to have 4-7 sessions every 4-6 weeks, and to repeat treatments over a

period of one to two years. Micro-needling can address and improve the appearance of:

• Acne scars

• Fine lines & wrinkles

• Hyperpigmentation (dark spots)

• Large pores

• Scars (surgical and burns)

• Skin texture

• Skin tightening and rejuvenation

• Smokers lines around the lips

• Stretch marks

Add Dermaplaning or Microneedling to any facial